• Conduct business ethically and with integrity
  • Uphold values in the face of competing objectives
  • Honor commitments


  • Set high standards of performance, quality, and service
  • Work hard. Exceed expectations
  • Face challenges with perseverance and optimism


  • Act with an ownership mindset
  • Take pride in the company and its mission
  • Be accountable


  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Encourage creativity and receptivity to new ideas
  • Continuously learn and improve

Safety & Stewardship

  • Commit to the health and safety of all stakeholders
  • Respect the community and the environment
  • Be socially responsible


  • Build a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Empower and create a culture of belonging
  • Treat others with dignity and professionalism


  • Foster teamwork and collaboration
  • Help others, personally and professionally
  • Have fun