Permanent Capital/Long-Term Investment Horizon
    • Since we are not a fund, we do not face pressures to sell our companies within a short time period. This allows our companies to take a long-term approach to building their businesses.
    Autonomous Operating Model
    • Our subsidiaries function as entrepreneurial autonomous enterprises, allowing them to maintain their unique operating principles and cultures.
    Prudent Leverage (Focus on Business Growth vs. Financial Engineering)
    • We believe excessive leverage endangers the sustainability of even the best businesses and will not risk the health of a business simply to generate a few extra points of return.
    Follow-on Growth Capital Through Economic Cycles
    • We actively seek to invest in “platform companies,” defined as businesses where we have the opportunity to invest additional capital in high return projects or accretive add-on acquisitions. As a long-term holder, we view down cycles as an opportunity to invest.
    Resources of a Long-Established Public Company
    • Our subsidiaries have the ability to leverage the banking, insurance, legal, M&A, and tax support of a NYSE-listed company, as well as a large network of CEOs and senior managers in a wide variety of global businesses.