Alleghany Capital Corporation (“Alleghany Capital”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alleghany Corporation (“Alleghany”) that owns and manages a diverse portfolio of middle market businesses. We own controlling stakes in companies with leading positions in the consumer products, business services, and manufacturing sectors.

  • In excess of $1.8 billion in portfolio company revenue as of LTM March 2019.

Alleghany Corporation (NYSE:Y) went public in 1929 as a railroad holding company (controlling nearly 20% of the track mileage in the United States at the time) and over the following decades diversified its interests to include finance, insurance, manufacturing, and transportation. Today, Alleghany is a diversified holding company anchored by a core position in property and casualty reinsurance and insurance.

  • One of the oldest companies listed on the NYSE.
  • $26 billion in total assets.
  • $8 billion in book value.
  • Investment grade credit rating.

Note: Financial data above as of March 2019.