Building leading businesses with long-term capital


To partner with entrepreneurial management teams to grow and enhance their businesses over the long term.

Stranded Oil

Redeveloping mature oil fields with modern technology


Creating a new dimension in play

Bourn & Koch

Advancing technology for metal removal machine tools

Kentucky Trailer

Leading innovation in the transportation business since 1879

Integrated Project Services

Delivering innovative and highly technical knowledge-based solutions to the global life sciences industry

W&W|AFCO Steel

Fabricating and erecting structural steel for the most demanding projects

About Alleghany Capital

Alleghany Capital Corporation (“Alleghany Capital”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alleghany Corporation (“Alleghany”) that engages in and oversees strategic investments and acquisitions. Alleghany (NYSE:Y) is a diversified holding company anchored by a core position in insurance and reinsurance.

Why Alleghany Capital?

  • Long-term investment horizon
  • Autonomous subsidiary operating model
  • Focus on business growth, not financial engineering
  • Follow-on growth capital
  • Public company resources